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Clive Soord lives in Canterbury, Kent, in the south of England. When he is not creating stuff from metal or clay in his workshops at home, he's probably passing on his extensive experience to others at Canterbury College.


Clive works extensively in clay and makes incredible ceramic jugs and urns, bowls, teapots, and mugs. But it is his creation of an endless variety of richly detailed dragons, creatures and gargoyles, together with his lifelong interest in fantasy, magic and mythology, which led one newspaper reviewer to lend him the title ‘Master of the Dragons’.


Lost wax casting is an ancient art form and one for which Clive has a deep passion. He casts in bronze, aluminium and glass, performing the entire process himself from start to finish, using a variety of traditional and modern tools and kilns. His finished pieces, which range from mythical and real beasts to a giant chess set and life portraits, are truly labours of love.


Clive has created dragons (of course), gargoyles, characters from Jabberwocky, Batman as never before seen, the incredible cast bronze chess set, Mars the God of War, pirates and pilots, the Ship of Fools, many bears, moongazing hares, and a lot, lot more.


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